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  • XuZhou ZM-Besta Heavy Steel Structure Co.,LTD

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    About Us


        XuzhouZM-Besta Heavy Steel Structure Co., Ltd.  along with the rapid growth of China economy has evolved into a large specialized entity that has four-major series of products, which are light steel structures, heavy steel structures, steel space frames and facilities steel structures. The company is committed to offering our clients a thorough-course solution and service in the field of steel structure,including design consultancy, manufacturing, on-site installation, maintenance, etc, with existing staff of 1026, including 398 technical and management personnel. Our company has four domestic manufacturing bases: The light-steel Plant of Xuzhou ZM-Besta Heavy Steel Structure Co., Ltd., The heavy-steel Plant of Xuzhou ZM-Besta Heavy Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Ningxia Branch of Xuzhou Zhongmei Steel Construction Co.,Ltd. and Xinjiang Branch of Xuzhou ZM-Besta Heavy Steel Structure Co., Ltd. , with the annual processing capacity: 80,000 tons of steel structure, 60,000 tons of space frames.

            Currently, our company has the following qualifications: 
             Grade 1Qualification for Professional Contracting of Steel Construction Projects of China
             Grade A Qualification for Professional Engineering Design of Steel Construction Of China
             Grade 1 Qualification for Steel Structure Manufacturing of China
             General Contracting Qualifications for Overseas Projects
             Grade A Qualification for Supervision of Project for Coal Industry of China
     and we also have a post-doctoral scientific research station.

            The company has established international-class R & D center in China, with impressive results; where the project of "light steel construction application technology" has won the " State-level scientific research "certificate; " The large span storage bunker dome technology” was awarded the domestic leading, the light steel products was awarded "National Key New Product"certificate and "National new technologies and products recommended"certificate; in addition, we have obtained six invention patents, one software copyright patent and seven utility model patents of "super-spandouble-layer lattice dome construction process" etc; In Oct, 2006, the Post-doctoral scientific research station was established, which was approved by the national Ministry of personnel, and later became the enterprise Technology Center of Jiangsu Province in 2011.

            The company has passed the HSE comprehensive certification (health &safety, environment, quality), and established a sound management system of quality, environment and occupational health and safety. We have a complete international leading manufacturing system of light steel production lines, heavy steel production line, secondary CNC finishing line, non-standard equipment production line, color sheeting profiling production line and steel space frame production line,etc.

            Our company has developed fourteen kinds of products of four series:series of light steel construction, series of steel space frames construction, series of heavy steelconstruction, and facilities steel structures.

            Among them, the large span storage bunker dome, largespan conveying trestle,the steel structure system of single or high multiple layer frames arearchetypical representative products reflecting our brand values. The largespan space frame storage bunker dome has two types, linear and circular, which have a wide range of applications to the coal, coal chemical industry, power,cement and chemical industries. A completed project of 200,000 ton coal storage bunker for Huolinhe open cast coal mine co., LTD has been constructed with a 133 m diameter and reaches 70 meters in height, won the Gold Medal of 2007 China Construction Steel Structure. The CCTV news reported this accomplishment on November10, 2007, known as Asias largest storagecapacity of storage silos. Up until now, our company has more than 100 storagedome of various nature either completed or under progress in China, with the largest span of 138meters. Apart from the above mentioned projects, we have successively supplied more than 80 storage domes to the overseas markets such as India, Columbia,Turkey, Pakistan, the Philippines and Tanzania etc. For larges pan conveying trestle, we have annual production of 15-20 km, including three types: fully enclosed truss trestle, space frame trestle and semi-enclosed belt trestle. Among the completed projects, the largest span of single span is 80 meters, maximum height of 65 meters, single-span maximum weight 172 tons. Single and multiple high frame steel structure system is mainly used in coal preparation plant, coal chemical, cement plant, power plant, metallurgy, chemical industry and civil high building industry etc.We are domestically at the leading position especially in the field of analysis and research of multilayer heavy frame uneven loads and vibration loads. To date, the company has completed the design, processing and installation of multistory steel frame structure for more than 200 with various height of coal preparation plant, coal chemical, kiln preheating tower main frame of cement plant, power plant and chemical industry etc. 

            At present, the companys management and R & D team are capable to provide full range of services of design, manufacture, installation and maintenance for domestic or international large space steel structure and Industrial & civil buildings under all kinds of conditions. ZM-Besta, an enterprise with advanced technology, reliable quality, excellent service, security, reasonable cost and trustworthy, is your most reliable partner! 

           All our staffs are looking forward to yourcooperation!


    Address:Huanghe Rd., No.3 Industrial Park, Tongshan Development District, Xuzhou, China.
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